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Command Shadow to do crazy and really adventurous and possibly stupid things! Commands will continue until I see the best one possible. All sprites and backgrounds to their respective owners.

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Big News! Accepting Cameos!

Updated the Cameo List.


Rules for Cameos:
1:Any kind of SONIC sprite is accepted, preferably Advanced/Battle.
2:Do not complain about what you say in the comic. Anything you say is final and is part of the story. (Or, mainly to be used as a punchline)
3: Sprites must be a FINISHED sheet, or at least have several usable poses.

Other than that, any Sonic style sprite is accepted.
Please note that I may not have time to accept ALL cameos, but they WILL be put in, I promise.

So, What are ya waiting for, WWH:SS Fans? Send those Cameos down!
(please put them here so I can find them later, do not PM or else I will delete them accidentally)

Accepted Cameos:
Starman45 (Blake the Hedgehog) (entered)
IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS (Napo the Hedgehog) (Entered)
foxpuff (Foxpuff(Michy) the Fox) (entered)
Matt the Fox (Matt the Fox) (entered)
Hydra (Hydra the Hedgehog)
Chris the Wolf (Gen the Fox)
Chrono Z (Lord Yami)
polly2 (Polly (if that's her name?))

Vote Box Now Open!

After the first voting on the comments has concluded, you MAY vote using the Vote Box Chatbox, it is not a restriction to use.
Have a nice day,

~Fusion Kirby

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